“We drove all the way from Wisconsin to experience the 2015 Teton Ogre…and we were not disappointed! Experienced and friendly race directors, flawless race organization, amazing volunteers and the most scenic, beautiful, challenging and inspiring course we’ve ever done.” – Cliff White, Team Strong Machine

“I raced the 2014 and 2015 Teton Ogre Adventure races (13 hr and 15 hr, respectively). The race courses are challenging and stunningly beautiful, and the organizers are the nicest people you’re likely to meet. It’s a full-on, professional adventure race with a groovy grassroots feel. The Ogre is the highlight of my summer.”

“If you want an entry race or a big adventure navigating in the Tetons area, you must try the Ogre. The design and elements of the course are challenging and provide a true test of both physical and mental abilities. I’ve had a blast both years with this event.” – Aaron

“Two years in a row the Teton Ogre has been the highlight of my summer. Abby and Jason have a way of leading me to incredible places I never knew existed, even though it’s in my own backyard. You can tell they put a lot of thought and creativity into their routes. Plus they put on a logistically seamless race, with every t crossed and i dotted.”

“I thought it was going to be way over my head but found it was right up my alley. Had a blast!” Justin Avenius

“I’ve been encouraged for years to do the Ogre and never found the time to make it happen. Thankfully, some friends convinced me to do it with them. The 7 hour race was just right for people like me with full time jobs and family commitments. It was SUPER fun, challenging and a great way to hang out with friends and learn new things about old stomping grounds. Thanks Abby and Jason for a great race! See you next year…..!”

“The Ogre Race was challenging, but the crowd it draws is one that is up for it! Abby and Jason did a great job organizing this amazing event and knew at the end of the day we were going to need cold water, beer, and cookies to bring us back to life! Thanks for doing such a cool event right here in Teton Valley!!”

“If you’re on the fence trying to decided to do it or not – you should!! It’s lots of fun with good people. No pressure if you’re not experienced, but a good challenge if you are.” -Alex

“Having the Ogre in our backyard provided an opportunity to try an adventure race which I would not of done otherwise. My husband & I have competed the last 2 years. It’s been fun and challenging, but not over-whelming. What a great way to combine all the things you love to do and enjoy this incredible place we live!” -Beth Ward