Wolpertinger Details

Please read through this page carefully if you are planning to participate in the 2020 Wolpertinger!

IMPORTANT: The Wolpertinger is a free, voluntary “non-event” and is not permitted or insured. In other words, you are entirely on your own out there and it is entirely your responsibility to stay safe and be smart, regardless of where the provided map leads you. The Forest Service has kindly given us the OK to organize this “non-event,” so please treat the land with respect and represent us well!

Although this course is sure to challenge experienced racers, it is also the perfect opportunity for those new to adventure racing to give it a try! We know adventure racing can feel overwhelming at first, so please reach out to us with any questions and we’ll make sure you’re all set.

Course details:

We have created a super fun and super challenging course that could easily take you all day (or night!) to get all the checkpoints if that’s your goal. That said, you can do whatever the heck you want…get two checkpoints or get them all—up to you! A fast team with good navigation may be able to clear the course in 8 hours. A leisurely team could take 18!

Course open dates: June 20-28th (Complete the course anytime within this time window).

Approximate full course distances: 10 miles on foot, 20 miles on bike

Course location: You will find out when you pick up your map! Plan for a 10-30 minute drive to the start depending on where in the valley you are coming from.

Maps and Passports: Maps, passports, and course instructions will be available to pick up at our house in Driggs. Once you sign up, we will email you details. (If you would rather print your own, just let us know. Maps are formatted on 11x17in paper). Please sign up at least two days before you plan to go on course, so we can be sure to have a map for you.

Optional Donation: The Wolpertinger is FREE, however if you feel like it please make a small (optional) donation to cover our printing costs and other expenses. There will be a donation jar at our house when you pick up your map.

Checkpoints: Checkpoints will be “touchless” and will either be our orange/white orienteering markers with a word written on them, or will be other designated markers. Checkpoint type will be indicated on your passport.

Gear: It is up to you to decide what gear to bring, but check out the Teton Ogre Gear List if you need suggestions. Air on being over prepared! (more snacks=less frustration when you get lost!).

Bike Drop: The Wolpertinger course starts on foot, but there is a bike drop for those of you doing the full course. It is up to you to secure your bikes (either hide them well or bring a bike lock).

Results: If you’d like your passport to be scored and counted in the results, be sure to time yourselves on course and send us a photo of your passport afterwards! If you’d like to be competitive, please use the honor system and follow basic adventure racing rules, (mainly, don’t use GPS devices, stay together with your teammate, and start no longer than 16 hours after picking up your map).

Sign up here!

Please note that if you are vying to win the free 2021 Teton Ogre entry, we ask that you please do the following to keep it fair:

  • Sign up using this form. (Please sign up at least two days before you plan to race, so we can be sure to have your map printed).
  • Complete the course all in one-go (don’t do some one day and some a few days later)
  • If on a team, stay within 50 meters of each other at all times
  • Obtain checkpoints according to their designated disciplines (bike CPs on bike, trek CPs on foot)
  • Pick up your map within 16 hours of starting.
  • Do not use a GPS Or phone at all for navigational purposes. (Recording your route is fine as long as you don’t access your GPS device while on course).
  • If possible, email us a .gpx or .kml file of your route, or a brief description of what you did out there!
  • Email us a photo of your passport within 24 hours of finishing.